About Indus

Our View of 21st Century Needs of Education

Our children are growing up in changing landscapes of the 21st century workplace which is going to place very different demands on them

We are at a cusp; the of end of an era, at the end of Information Age

  •   Where society and schools rewarded people who knew the most "facts
  •   Students who performed in "fact based" tests got into the "fact based" university systems
  •   Getting up the career ladder was also "fact" driven

Computers and the Internet have changed the workplace equation dramatically

  •   Closely held resources are now open to public and knowledge has become truly democratized
  •   Highly paid fact based jobs are being taken over by a combination of computers/less educated people. The BPO, LPO, KPO industry is evidence of this shift

Factual knowledge is no longer the differentiator between success and failure. Today everybody has equal access to facts. At Indus we believe what you do with the facts is more important than merely knowing them.

"The last few decades have belonged to a certain kind of mind - persons who could crank code, craft contracts, or analyze numbers. But the keys to the kingdom are changing hands."
Daniel Pink, A Whole New Mind

The learning environment at IWS seeks to set benchmarks for futuristic education with a vast array of skills including-

  •   Learning and Innovation skills [Creativity, Collaboration, etc]
  •   Life skills [Self-Directedness, Inter-personal skills, etc]
  •   Media and Technology skills