A school is the first encounter your child has with the outside world other than his/her family circle and is one of the most powerful influences in your child's life.

The process of selecting a school for your child is complex and should not be driven by the biases of one's social network and media hype. The right school for your child must focus on all-round development, enable each child's uniqueness to flourish and impart the modern day 21st century skills for overall development.

For ages, traditional education, with its emphasis on rote learning and memorization of static facts, has valued conformity over novelty of thought. But in today's world of global competition and task automation, innovative capacity and a creative spirit are fast becoming requirements for personal and professional success.

At IWS, we promote a holistic blend of specific skills inviting specialization and expertise with a multi-dimensional array of skills, which are the need of the hour. By combining the wisdom of the past with the insights and technologies of today, IWS seeks to provide the right macro framework for schools of the future, which equip students to excel in all spheres of life - even beyond the educational.

At IWS we believe that parent participation is critical to the education of your child. You are our partners in this journey. We invite you to visit the IWS of your choice and experience Indus for your self.

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