IWS Bhiwani Parents Testimonial

Parent feedback

Academically child is improving in writing skills as well as in motivation to have good writing and speaking skills. By your co-operative staff my child is not taking too much time as compare to earlier days in his home work. His communication skill also improved a lot.

Aditya Verma UKG
Mr. Dinesh Verma (Father)

The best part of school is special bonding of mentors and student has more important, positive and long lasting implication for both student's academic and social development. It is really appreciable point. She is moving her standard because of having laborious and punctual staff

Rishika - Nursery
Mr. Sandeep Singh(Father)

Undoubtly the school never underestimate the benefits of a good student serve not only does this allow you see the areas require improvement and considered of the student not even the academic but ability to communicate her thoughts and ideas.

Aanya and Lavanya
Mrs. Kiran (Mother)

Apparently as far as I concerned about my child I am totally astonished about the status of his academic improvement as well as the communication approach is going plinth to zenith. Really the school environment also generate the positive feeling in student behave it would be very wonderful for the following days and future.

Parth Vats- Grade II
Sh. Vijay Vats(Grandfather)

Motivation is the key of success for further improvement of the student. Although staff is very helpful to enhance the motivation that is the reason my child is able to get lots of potential. Overall he is improving a lot.

Hrydayesh - Grade 1
Mr. Dalip Kumar(Father)

The most important role of a teacher is to coach and guide the students through the learning process, giving special attentions to nurturing a student interest and self confidence so Indus expose students to the world of work through school to career program and leadership. Academic ethics are so much effective and such co-curricular activities built up my child confidence in right direction.

Yug - Grade - II
Mr. Amardeep Singh