Join Indus World School for the most exciting journey as the educator to the 21st century generation

How Indus World School becomes the best place to work?

Indus World School ranks on the top in the Great Place to Work in the survey conducted by Economic Times and it is the only school to feature in the list adorned with the top honchos in the likes of Intel, Taj and Google. Winning this award for two consecutive years speak volumes of the camaraderie that is experienced at Indus. Indus World School at Indore ranks 5th in Madhya Pradesh among the best schools of the state, as per the survey conducted by Education World. It is one of India's most caring, principle-centred, pioneering and innovative organizations. Indus has achieved tremendous acceptance and has spread across the country. It has 14 schools with around 500 devoted staff members and 5000 excited and involved students who are helping create "The Workplace of the Future" and shaping "The 21st Century learning skills". They collaborate in crafting learning environments that facilitate a range of learners, young and old alike, to explore their full potential.

COME, Help to shape the future of India. Teachers are a nations' Lifeline. There is nothing more ennobling and enabling than the teaching profession.

Why Should you Join: 21st Century Skills

Indus World School takes the 21st Century Skills debate beyond rhetoric, providing substantive, compelling and engaging initiatives for nurturing the skills and competencies that our children need to succeed in a knowledge Age economy. These skills are the essential core of a productive, proactive and an intelligent global citizen (Google Trilling and Fadel).

Why Should You Join: Professional and Financial Growth & Development By default, the growth and development of teaching staff must receive unusual attention to facilitate and foster 21st Century abilities in students, and perhaps even more important, themselves. Indus has a tradition of being revolutionary in this area. Indus is looked upon as an Alma Mater by everyone associated with it. We focus and spend so much on Talent Management and Leadership. This is the only school where the founder team members themselves get involved in training the teachers. Indus celebrates Innovation and Creativity!! Indus also has a well-known reputation for raising the compensation bar consistently for teachers in order to attract talent into this nation-building profession !

Who is Indus Looking For?:

  •  Fluency in English & effective communication skills
  •  Excellent subject knowledge
  •  B. Ed (those planning to pursue may also apply)

What Compensation Does Indus Offer?

We are glad you asked! Indus is one of education's leading and constantly innovative paymasters. Our BOB (Basket Of Benefits) programme is slated to be one of the most comprehensive in the nation offering unrivalled growth and development opportunities

What you can expect at Indus:

  •  Exposure to international educational concepts and practices
  •  Best in class salary
  •  200 hours of teacher training per year
  •  Opportunity to be part of a 3 year MBA program with an aim to become school leaders in our chain of schools
  •  Personality development through outdoor adventure programs

We are proud of our rigorous recruitment process; The Indus mentors selection program involves both mental as well as physical and outdoor activities. Only one in ten candidates make it to the final list. They then undergo an exhaustive training program after which they are certified as Indus mentors

The Selection Process includes

  •  Skill evaluation
  •  Psychometric tests
  •  "Live" demo class
  •  Outbound training program
  •  Personal Interview