IWS Gurgaon Events

Summer Camp

Indus Summer School organized by Indus world school, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, has been a fantastic experience for kids. Joint efforts of professionals,IWS team and Summer school kids took it to great heights. Children began the day with outdoor games like Badminton, Mini Soccer, Table Tennis, Basket Ball and Cricket.They underwent Fitness training like running, skipping, stair climbing. Children were engaged in a lot of activities like Art, Painting, Pottery, Sports and Dance. Children of all age groups enjoyed the pottery classes, it was the highlight of all activities. Children learned making interesting things from clay like pots, diya's, animals, vehicles etc. They enjoyed exploring the world of colours and introduced them to sketching, shading, Finger printing, water colors etc. They tapped their feet on different dance numbers.

Welcoming the Autumn Season

As we are welcoming the autumn whether with shorter days and longer nights, we also began our new theme "Autumn." To enjoy Autumn's longer nights we all prepared " Lanterns." As Autumn is the season of lights so children enjoyed making Lanterns. Children made these lanterns by different art forms like printing and dabbing etc. Then they made borders to beautify it. The lanterns were folded, stapled and punched by children(along with mentor's help.)

Wishing tree

The wind chimes made by our little indusians leaves all spell-bound. The tinkling sound that comes when children blow air into the chimes is so pleasing to the ears. These recycled cans and spoons have become the new ornaments of our school.

Birthday Celebration
We celebrated our friend Keshav's birthday in Indus style. Keshav's parents joined us for the celebration. They lit the diya together and a round of reflections about keshav followed. Everyone shared why and what they like about keshav. His parents also shared the same with the group. Then we wished him by singing Happy Birthday song for keshav. A small prayer for his happiness and success followed after that. All the friends said bye to his parents with hugs and group hugs. Keshav got big bear hug from all his friends. The best part of this process was the look on keshav and his parent's face. The mentor was also hugged by the mentor as she was so happy. This is the best possible gift that can be given and received on birthdays. This process is also practiced and followed by the entire IWS team(Mentors and seniors.)

Autumn season experience

Autumn season learning through experiencing. We started our theme with a discussion on what is autumn and what changes it brings in our surrounding. we went for a nature walk and observed plant and trees. The different color shapes sizes and stages of leaves were observed and experienced by children. Then it was followed by a sorting activity. Children sorted the collection into shapes and sizes and then as per the stages under that. We also created a collage of these leaves on a worksheet . This will be continued tomorrow as well.

Diwali Celebration

Celebrating festival of lights. En lighting our dark traits and improving ourselves. We all celebrated Diwali with our theme, as both things indicate towards light. We decorated the school with lanterns. In our joint assembly we did aarti and all the classes performed in front of the group.