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Hritu Mehra

"At IWS kids are given direction to achieve their fullest potential to excel at whatever they do. To be the best "Me" rather than fit them in a mould. They are taught not to score marks it is not only the grades that matter but the concepts are made clear through exploration. IWS works on holistic development of our kids to make them good citizens of our society all the while staying true to our roots. From Yoga, Meditation, Sarva Dharm Prarthana, life skills, EVS, Math, Languages everything is learnt not studied. Journey has started with Ananda to Jigyasa and soon my son will enter Sadhna. In Ananda & Jigyasa their aptitude is being studied and nurtured & at times being carefully nudged to even the creases. The kids are being made to develop into responsible citizens of the world throughout being recognised & honored for who they already are. If you want your child to be who he/she is meant to be then there is no place better than IWS."

Hritu Mehra,
Mother of Avi Manik,Grade 6 &Ami Manik,Grade 4
IWS Gurgaon Sector 70

Forest Witchcraft

Dear Shanu,
First of all I would like to wish you a very happy Teacher's day. I as mother of Rudrakshi, would only like to say that my daughter is really lucky to get a teacher like you. I dont know how much she knows to put all this in words but I can read the excitement and love for you in her eyes when she talks about you. She follows each and every word of yours religiously.

Your role as a leader is even more important than you might imagine. You have the power to help people become winners. The amount of efforts you are putting in with these children each and every moment they are with you is commendable. The way she is groomed and taken care in these 4 months, the way she behaves, talks, express and a lot more is always reflecting only your affection being shed on her as a mother. Thanks for everything Dear and wish you all the best for the future.

"A hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had in the bank, but the world may be a better place because I made a difference in the life of a child."

With Love and Regards,
Forest Witchcraft
(M/O Rudrakshi)

Dear Tanu,

Yesterday Sanjoni alone started a drive in my society for not using plastic bags, grow trees and save animals. Later on her friend also joined it and both the girls made some 25 posters and stick them on each blocks and other imp places in the society itself. And believe me with no help from elders. Initial idea got generated in school with Drisha. I felt so proud of her that she is aware of her surrounding and care to bring in change in society at this small age when people who are mature don't even bother about such things she thought about it and pulled it till end. And for her this mature thinking and dedication credit goes to you and IWS teaching.

Mrg was lil disheartening for her as sm of posters went missing but never-mind at least she has courage and mind to raise her voice.

Thanks for infusing such values in her.

(M/O Sanjoni Jain- Gr. 3)

Swarna Lakshmi And Senthil Kumar

Parents, I believe are the biggest influence on shaping a child. Indus too believes the same. Hence, when I send my son to IWS, I am not simply outsourcing his education but becoming a partner with IWS in raising a good human being. I still remember the day I took my first step into IWS campus at DLF with my son, and the first thing I felt was like walking back into my home. The feeling of being at home has not changed over these 5 years. The overall experience has been fantastic. To me the greatest take away has been the warmth of all the mentors as well as the management. My son has always been a good learner but over the years ,he has re-discovered himself as quite the social butterfly and a decent athlete as well ...things I would not have expected out of him few years back.

Identifying what things are required to be motivated, cultivated and nurtured in a child, required serious personal attention, and IWS has never lacked in it over these years. From a curriculum perspective, IWS follows IGCSE at its core, but what makes it exceptional is they way they integrate arts, music, value education around this core framework. To illustrate this, my son learns empathy from his English lesson (through role play), does music by composing the Hindi poetry in his text book . IWS constantly strives to bring the best of both worlds, and have been able to successfully do this all these years and very satisfied with the way my son enjoys his schooling.

With Love and Regards,
From Swarna Lakshmi ( uswarna@gmail.com) And Senthil Kumar ( kmsenthil@gmail.com )
(Parents of Shravan Kumar - Grade IV - IWS GURGAON)
(M/O Rudrakshi)

Raghvendra Singh Chauhan

(Admitted to class VI in 2009)
Selected in IPM- IIM Indore (2016-2021)

Raghvendra's Achievements:

  • Distinction in IGCSE XII & X board exams
  • Best delegate: IIMUN (Indian International Model United Nations) 2015
  • Best idea award - Commerce in Sahodaya Senior Bal Vigyan 2015
  • Runner-up in RBI quiz 2014
  • Avid football player and athlete
  • Part of Indus Student School Council: President (2015-16), Vice-President (2014-15) & Sports Minister (2013-14)

Mentor's speak about Raghvendra

One word that best describes Raghvendra is ‘leader’. He is a motivational force to his friends. He always maintained a perfect balance between sports and academics and followed all my instructions. His inquisitiveness to know new things and exploring ways of doing them brought him this success. Wishing all the best to Raghvendra for a successful life ahead.

Success story of Raghvendra

Indus has always been my second home. My mentors always supported me in pursuing my interests. Indus Future Map Test was a blessing as it helped to analyze my strengths & weaknesses and provided the best career guidance. I would like to thank Archna ma’am and all mentors for their valuable guidance and support.

Rajat Jhavar

(Admitted to class VI in 2009)
Selected in Symbiosis, Pune

Bachelor of Design and Fashion Communication (2016-2020)

  • Distinction in IGCSE XII & X board exams
  • Star artist winner at International Picasso Art Contest 2014
  • Best idea award - Commerce in Sahodaya Senior Bal Vigyan 2105
  • Best performer at inter-school solo classical dance competition organized by

Sahodaya Group of IGCSE schools 2015

  • Personal painting exhibition of Pritam Lal Dua Sabhagrah in 2015 with Yashasvi
  • Designed a calendar on the World Day for Arunabh, NGO

Working for autistic children

  • Part of Indus Student School Council: Prime Minister (2015-16)

Mentor's speak about Rajat

Rajat is a humble, polite and down to earth person. At Indus, we nurtured his skills not only in academics but also in art and dance. Rajat brought laurels to school in various fields. Since I was his mentor, he followed all my instructions and was quiet focused towards his goal. Wishing all the best to Rajat for a successful life ahead.

Success story of Rajat

Indus helped me in discovering my talent and analyzing my strengths and weaknesses. Mentors have always supported me through thick and thin and encouraged me to perform better each time.