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Indus World School, Indore was set up in 2006. It now has two full fledged campuses. The Chhawani campus is in the heart of the city and a brand new lush green 5.5 acre campus is now operational in Jhalaria off the Bypass Road.

The school currently conducts classes from Nursery to Grade XII. With over 1000 students, the school is bustling with interesting activities at all times. The all-round development of students being the focus of the school, academics is complemented with co-curricular activities like Art, Craft, Music, Dance and Sports. Both campuses have state of the art sports infrastructure, including international standard tennis and basketball courts. Karate and Skating and many other sports are also practiced here with much enthusiasm. Over the years, the school has built a reputation of being the most child friendly school of Indore, where, in a friendly and stress free environment, children learn at their own pace and in harmony with their interests, ensuring academics success for each child. The school believes in 'learning by doing' that ensures that children truly understand what they learn. They are encouraged to participate in varied activities, which allows them the freedom to express their imagination and creativity.

The school boasts of a very qualified and energetic leadership team. The resident school Director is Mr R Shiva Kumar. 'Shivku Sir' as he is fondly called, is an alumnus of IIT Chennai and IIM Kolkata. He has more than a decade of experience teaching mathematics and science for engineering and medical entrance examinations. His ultimate goal in Indus World School is to make science easy and understandable at the primary school level to ensure a solid foundation of learning for all children. Under his leadership, the school also has a Career Development Centre to help children make informed career choices. IWS Indore has also launched a unique batch for grooming promising students for the IIT-JEE. This special program prepares students within the regular school hours eliminating the need for additional coaching.


From Principal(IWS Indore- Central Campus)

Dear All

Warm Greetings

We are in the midst of Educational resurgence where the efforts are to revive educational practices so the creativity becomes an integral element of learning and teaching practices. Technically, it is the 21st century and we live in increasingly diverse, complex and unpredictable society. So, the need of the hour is to make our children innovative creative thinkers who can find solutions for any problem they may face.
At Indus our emphasis is on Academic creativity wherein the children are encouraged to learn in creative ways through our highly researched curriculum that is interdisciplinary, integrated and project-based. The students are engaged in real-life problems, issues that are important to humanity and questions that matter. Besides academics, this year we are planning to put lots of emphasis on Sports like Basketball, Tennis, Skating, and Cricket etc. We have special classes for Speech, Drama and Dance, which help in the holistic development of our students.
We have less discipline problems because the students are so engaged in their learning that those problems disappear. We have parents calling, sending notes, or coming up to school to tell us about the dramatic changes they are witnessing in their children: newly found enthusiasm and excitement for school, a desire to work on projects and research even after school. Our students have made nearly exponential growth in their basic skills as well as researching, scientific explorations, math, multimedia skills and many more

Archna Sharma


From Principal (IWS Indore - Jhalaria Campus)

Dear parents Greetings from Indus World School! At Indus, our objective is well defined. Every child who enters the portals of the institution is lovingly guided through a well-engineered curriculum, playfully quenching the inherent curiosity of the initial years,while in Ananda, and at the same time invoking the thirst to know the world and the environment better. Then, creating opportunities in Jigyasa, for the child to experience and learn, and thereby igniting the desire to know more and move on to the rigours of Sadhana. Music is an integral part of his life, as even his Hindi poems are set to music and sung by his own peers. He plays various games with a sporting spirit, does yoga, aerobics and ensures that his mind is hosted by a healthy body.
At Indus, a unique structured process enables the child to become aware of his strengths and weaknesses. He sets academic, emotional and personal goals to overcome his weaknesses and bolster his strengths and make them his forte. He is encouraged to compete with himself and become a confident and global citizen, accepting responsibility for every personal action. An Indusian uses technology for various simple tasks that he performs, like viewing his home assignments or doing his projects, and is effortlessly techno savvy. We religiously practice our core values, lead by example, and allow the child to imbibe values that will hold him in good stead as he continues on in his journey of life with an enquiring mind, a sense of social responsibility, a delightful sense of humour and a tremendous respect for his country and environment. The icing on the cake is that every morning smiling, happy children eagerly arrive in school, to begin a new day of discovery

Sandhya Pande

What our Parents have to say:

As a learning organization we constantly strive to improve ourselves. Each Year we conduct surveys among our parents to find out their views about the school.

This year, 623 parents participated in this survey and this is what they had to say 100% of the parents said that their child enjoys going to school.
And over 98% of the parents completely agree that Indus gives a GOOD quality of education

The detailed survey results are as under:


Qs [ Sample Size = 623]

Responses %


My Child feels safe at this school



The School communicates with parents effectively



The leadership of this school is effective



My child enjoys going to this school



The school building and campus are clean, neat and in good repair



The overall quality of education my child receives at this school is good



Students with different cultural backgrounds get along with one another at school



My child's possessions are safe at school.



I feel comfortable contacting my child's teacher for information



My child feels comfortable in asking for help or assistance from his/her teachers.



Students show respect and care for each other at this school.