Facilites provided in the school

Introduction of Tablet from Class V onwards At IWS - Indore also we have introduced Tabs from Class V onwards for making the student get up-to-date with new age technology. Students can read e-books, can learn by watching a video in addition to text, take chapter quiz and access Compass Box. Mentors can also upload assignments and send circulars to students. Encyclopedia Britannica, Cambridge Dictionary, other academic materials and story books are already Installed in Tab where in the Internet facility is controlled from school side.
Indus Learning Hub Indus World School , Indore at its Central Campus - Chhawni provides opportunities to Childern to acquire knowledge & skills. We are sure that the activities planned under Indus Learning Hub will sharpen their minds & strengthen their body & spirit.
Programs Currently offered are :
Tennis, Skating, Karate, Helen 'O' Grady ( Personality Development ) , Instrumental Music , Dance & Yoga.

Robotics Lab To instill scientific thinking and to encourage innovation and problem solving ability, the school runs a full-fledged robotics lab in collaboration with ThinkLabs, an IIT Mumbai alumnus venture. Robotics is integrated into the school schedule such that each student from classes III to X gets exposure to a hands-on experience in creating their own robots.
AV-Room Fully multimedia enabled rooms with access to the internet where students can view educative films. The school has also been having interactive sessions over Video Conferencing with sister schools across the nation. An inter-Indus debate and quiz were also conducted over video conferencing.
Science Labs The school has all labs equipped with basic infrastructure required to perform Science practicals as per CBSE syllabus up to class XII.
Dance / Music / Arts At Indus the Arts are considered an integral part of education. They are not 'extra'-curricular in any sense. Children get exposed to different art forms and get the opportunity to learn the basic skills and showcase their performance.
Library A well furnished library stocked with a variety of books catering to the myriad needs of today's students.
Transport The school provides transport facility to students and mentors over fixed main routes of the city.
Computer Lab To instill 21st century skills in our children, another area of focus is enabling them in IT skills. The computer lab is an exciting place where children get an opportunity to become explorers and innovators. A highlight at Indus is the Scratch programming developed by MIT Media Lab. Children from class III onwards design and programme their own games and animations.
Adventure Zone 'Where the mind is without fear'. The adventure zone, is not only fun, the children gain confidence when they accomplish tasks and in the course become physically fit. The adventure zone activities ensure gross motor and also fine motor development of the young learners.
Tennis Academy Beginning in 2010, the Tennis Academy boasts of one of the best Tennis Infrastructures and trainers in the city.
Arts Academy Drawing, painting, clay-modelling, craft work, creative handwriting and various other artistic activities are geared towards helping children discover their creativity and explore a variety of media to express themselves.
Helen O'Grady Drama Academy The academy provides a self-development programme for children through a carefully constructed, progressive, drama syllabus. Children learn to be confident, expressive as they gain good command over communication skills.