Academic Practices

Scratch Programming

From as early as Grade III our children use Scratch ™, a programming language developed by MIT Media Lab. As children create their own stories, animations, art and share their creations on web, they learn to think creatively and work collaboratively.

At Indus IT skills are developed in ways that allow the students to become creators of technology, rather than remaining mere users of the technology.


  •  Process skills such as step wise thinking
  •  Problem solving
  •  Programming skills


Student Led Conference

Indus students lend a unique flavour to parent teacher meetings by demonstrating their learning's through the Student Led Conferences (SLCs). These SLCs are opportunities for students to work in groups and practice their presentation skills. During Assembly time and school functions, it is common to find students completely managing the show, including writing their own scripts, choosing their own costumes et al.

Goal Setting -IKT

Students set their own goals and review their own progress with their teachers . These build habit of self-management and personal effectives.

The Indus Know Thyself (IKT) booklet: It is very important that children learn to set goals at an early age. The Indus Know Thyself book allows them to keep track of their own progress. They set their own goals, and receive feedback from both the mentors and peers.

Goal Setting -IKT

We regularly encourage students to take up activities inside the school which aid the feeling of community development and a sense of belongingness to the school. Children can be seen cleaning their classrooms, corridoors, gardens, and even lending a hand in the kitchen