What is your style of parenting?

Right or Wrong? Less or More? Most parents across the world swing between these emotions while bringing up children. Like most roles in life, you learn only by doing. Parenting style helps us become aware of your natural choice of interacting with your child. It also helps you identify and become conscious of the style you gravitate to when you are under stress. As a parent, we should move between different parenting style basis the mindset of the child. We should also be careful to note that in a given situation, both the parents should talk the same language (parenting style) to effectively interact with your child. The objective is clear, to provide a harmonious and enthusiastic growing up experience to your child.

So go ahead, take the test! By the time you read your results, be assured that you have moved a step towards effective parenting.

The IWS teaching pedagogy!

Two primary ways in which most adults learn are "discussing" and "doing". Did you learn the same way even when you were young? Probably "No". Age appropriate learning methodologies help in developing all faculties of the child and sustains her interest in the process of learning. Our 10 years of research in working with over 5000 students have led to defining the predominant learning approaches for different age groups.

Children at different ages learn differently. To enable child centric learning environment across the age groups we have defined the following learning stages at Indus World School.

Stage 1: Ananda: (Nursery - grade 2). Ananda: is about learning through joy

Stage 2: Jigyasa: (grades 3 -8). Jigyasa: is about learning through experimentation

Stage 3: Sadhana: (grades 9 -12). Sadhana is about practicing to perfection

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