Academic Practices

Competitive Exams

Class IX-X :

The Sadhana program for the IX-X will focus on ensuring that students are helped to prepare for various competitive exams like NTSE, Olympiads. Special attention is also paid for preparing for board exams. The programs are delivered through classroom or online learning formats like Compassbox or Video Conferencing or Webinars

Class XI-XII ( Science Stream):

The Sadhana program for the Science Stream at the class XI will focus on ensuring that the requisite inputs required for performing well in the JEE and other engineering entrance tests are integrated into the curriculum. It will also ensure that the balance between CBSE and engineering entrance tests preparation is thoroughly maintained.


  •  Preparation for JEE 2015, and other engineering entrance exams
  •  Integrated with class XI, XII curriculum.
  •  Preparation for Olympiads, KVPY and other Scholastic Competitive Examinations

Class XI-XII ( Commerce Stream):

Class XI (Commerce Stream): The school will ensure preparedness for students for career options within the school premises. The students can choose a combination of 2 out of the below 3 mentioned groups - 1st being primary career choice option and other being backup career option.

  •   Group 1 : CA / CS
  •  Group 2 : Law - NLS/Other Institutes
  •  Group 3 : Management - BBA/ Integrated MBA/ Hotel Management/ Fashion Tech/ NDA/ Graduation courses which require Aptitude test


  •  Helps students to prepare simultaneously for entrance exams for Primary & Secondary Career Choices
  •  Within school premises and aligned with the school curriculum.

Future Map

In Grade VIII, all children undergo Future Map: a series of scientific tests. Future Map tests a child’s Aptitude, Personality and Interest and then recommends careers that they are best suited for. After discussions with both children and parents, we help the child make a suitable career choice.

CDC - Career Development Center

At IWS intergated Aptitude Building is built into the curriculum. Two periods a week are deiciated to

  •  Language: Verbal and written skills of English
  •  Qualitative Skills: Reasoning and Comprehension skills.
  •  Quantitative Reasoning: Key Math Skills like calculation and mathematical thinking.

Benefits: This program helps later in competitive exams and also encourages Problem Solving Ability (PSA), which has been the special focus of CBSE. CBSE has already introduced a PSA test for students of Class IX and Class XI.