Indus Technology

Technology is widely used in our schools by students, parents and teachers in their daily interactions. All our campuses are well networked with high-speed Internet access routed through secure firewalls using the latest content filtering software. Each student from nursery upwards is a proud owner of a email id courtesy Google Apps for Education which helps provide a completely safe enivronment for mail and internet inside the school.

Unique Safety Features

  •  Restricted domain emails - student can receive or send mails only to from or to a authorized domain user
  •   Detailed logs of all mails and Google Drive activity
  •   Compeletely spam free, ad free environment
  •   Only authorized site visits allowed inside school

Educational Tabs

Indus has introduced specially designed Educational Tablets which allow the students to carry a learning device with them to the classroom. These tablets are loaded with over 150 videos and provide access to large question banks for practice for most subjects. Indus schools use Edu tabs from grade 4 onwards.

Tab Features

  •   Tabs are having a specially designed Android kernel which make it distraction-free and only for education purpose
  •   Detailed logs of all video viewing and test taking activity
  •   vailable in 10' and 7 ' version - very reasonably priced for students
  •   Integrated with Google Device management for protection
  •   Diagnostic tests of Tablets allow for instant class performance analysis
  •   Tabs controlled from the cloud , including additional content downloads and content deletion

Compassbox Elearning System

Compassbox is an in-house developed Online Assessment Platform which provide a 24x7 learnign zone to students. There are over a thousand tests and tens of thousands of questions which have been carefully vetted by Indus teachers and provided for practice. Compassbox has implemented Digital badging systems and multiple leaderboards to motivate students using gamification techniques


  •   Online Practice Tests for most Subjects/Topics for Practice available 24x7
  •   Students take Diagnostic Tests on Tabs every week on the Compass Box platform
  •   Teachers & Students are able to Diagnose learning progress on a real time basis
  •   Digital badges and Leaderboards at a school and class level

Google Apps for Education

Indus is one of the first schools in India to have implemented Google Apps for Education , a uniquely 21st century experience in collaboration and communication for students, parents and teachers alike

Highly controllable and secure Google Apps for Education allows school environment to be kept Ad free, Spam Free and absolutely safe for children to use

Google Drive

  •   Enables students to access to Homework /Circulars/resources 24x7.
  •   Google drive to be the core repository to distribute work to the children across locations.

Google Drive

  •   Connect students to teachers
  •   Connect to each other
  •   Special Interest Groups

Google Device Management allows the tabs to be completely integrated with student email accounts